I saw Alison while I was vacationing in Door County. I deal with chronic back issues which sometimes flare up and become quite acute. I had one of these acute flare ups while on vacation, and Alison was able to reduce my pain and help me along the path to recovery. I really appreciated her expertise and care, and I was grateful that she was able to fit me into her busy schedule. I highly recommend her for your acupuncture needs.
— Marge P., Coralville, IA
I have had severe fatigue as a result of having M.S. for many years. It has prohibited me from doing much of anything for any length of time. Since being treated by Alison, my energy level has increased dramatically. I will recommend her in a heart beat.
— Christina, Valmy, WI
I went to see Alison because my husband and i were having some trouble getting pregnant. I also suffer from migranes. I have not had one migrane since visiting and a month and a half later and im pregnant!!!! Thank you so much Alison! It didnt hurt at all and i felt so light and airy afterwards. I cant wait to see her again. She was very professional and nice, i felt very comfortable there.
— Julie N., Sturgeon Bay, WI
Last summer I slipped on a rug and sustained a fall resulting in a severe whip lash like injury to my neck. This fall caused severe headaches and neck muscle strain. I was referred to Wood Rabbit Acupunture and received a series of treatments which greatly improved my condition. I was treated with great personal attention and care. Without reservation I highly recommend Dr. Beadell!!
— Dr. John C., Barrington, IL
I have been treated by Alison over the past several months for a bladder condition. This was a condition that she had not treated before. What really impressed me is that Alison went to great lengths to research the subject and even made contact with some of her professors to ensure that I was getting the best treatment possible. It did not take long at all and my symptoms were alleviated. I have great faith in her and would highly recommend her to anyone needing acupuncture.
— Sandy D., Door County, WI
When I first talked to Ali on the beach, I would not have dreamed this gentle, lovely young woman was going to take away the arthritis pain in my thumb.

I lived with it for several years after the doctor told me cortisone injections were the treatment of choice. After the first visit to Alison my pain was nearly gone. I had several subsequent treatments, and, to be honest, I kept waiting for the pain to slowly come back, but it never has. My first treatment was back in August, and it is now December. I don’t even think about what I can and can’t do anymore, as the pain is just GONE. I will continue to come back for maintenance treatments, and I thank you every day for taking away my pain.
— JoAnn D., Wheaton, IL
Thank you so much for reducing my pain level from an 11 to a 0. I was so used to the pain, it took me a few days to realize…I no longer had pain! The past two years, I have seen three medical professionals for my Achilles Tendonitis problem. These physicians gave me little relief or future hope with drugs and exercise. As you know, I saw you at Wood Rabbit Acupuncture while I was on vacation; and with these simple two visits my Achilles area on both feet is pain free.

I come to Ephraim two times a year on vacation. I want to be sure to be able to set up a few appointments to address any issues I may have and keep healthier in this safe and effective manner. Alison, your professionalism and ability to assist me so quickly has changed my quality of life each day.
— Sue K., Pekin, IL